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Thomas Mosier, Ph.D.

Thomas excels at decomposing complex systems – such as hydropower plants operated to meet multiple objectives – into tractable components to identify innovation. His background is in water resources, mechanical systems and impacts for the electrical system.

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Manish Mohanpurkar, Ph.D.

Manish’s interests range from the detailed (e.g. developing highly accurate models of the coupled hydropower and grid system) to the large-scale (e.g. understanding the value of a pumped storage hydropower plant in the context of evolving grid needs). These interests are grounded in extensive fundamental and applied understanding of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems.

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Mayank Panwar

Mayank Panwar – Mayank’s passion is designing plant and grid controllers and architectures that improve reliability, resilience and efficiency. He applies this expertise to microgrids and distribution systems where hydropower and energy storage play a key role. He also uses high-performance computing capabilities to understand propagation of cascading failures in the grid and then design protective actions.

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Shafiul Alam, Ph.D.

Shafiul designs and tests integrated hydropower and energy storage systems to create “virtual reservoirs” that improve grid reliability and boost revenue. He also collaborates with the IEEE Microgrid Taskforce to develop standards related to communication and cybersecurity in microgrids. He has extensive background in variable renewable generation integration and electric grid operations.


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​Rahul Kadavil

Rahul enjoys integrating power systems hardware and software to advance our understanding of integrated systems. He designs power system controllers, implements device-to-device communication schemes, and works with industry partners to advance the state-of-the-art and ensure his research aligns with deployed systems and protocols.


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Brion Bennett

Brion analyzes diverse energy systems and their architectures to understand how resources complement each other and how they are dispatched. He has extensive and diverse background in designing, analyzing and managing integrated energy systems. His work spans design-stage assessment, lab-testing of experimental systems and real-world deployment across the globe.