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HydroWIRES Research Areas

Efforts under this initiative are organized into four interrelated research areas:

Research Area 1: Value under Evolving System Conditions
Goal: Understand needs of the rapidly evolving grid and how they create opportunities for hydropower and pumped storage hydropower (PSH).
Key Question: “What will the grid need?”

Research Area 2: Capabilities and Constraints
Goal: Investigate the full range of hydropower’s capabilities to provide grid services, as well as the machine, hydrologic and institutional constraints to fully utilizing those capabilities.
Key Question: “What can hydropower do?”

Research Area 3: Operations and Planning
Goal: Optimize hydropower operations and planning—alongside other resources—to best utilize hydropower’s capabilities to provide grid services.
Key Question: “How can hydropower best align what it can do with what the grid will need?”

Research Area 4: Technology Innovation
Goal: Invest in innovative technologies that improve hydropower capabilities to provide grid services.
Key Question: “What new technology could expand what hydropower can do to meet grid needs?”